How I discovered the amazing world of live sex chat


I have been a big fan of porn for as long as I can remember. I know it is illegal for people to check out porn before they are of legal age, but let’s be honest; we have all seen porn way before that. Or maybe that’s how things used to be before. Everyone has stolen their dad’s Playboy and everyone has seen porn way before they are 18. And I liked it instantly. Okay, I am sure that this is something every guy will tell you (or at least the majority of guys), but porn for me has always been a passion. I used to follow new releases and I was quite versed in everything that had to do with porn.

However, after a while, it did get a bit boring. I first stopped being such a fanboy and after a while, I almost gave it up completely. I had girlfriends and they always knew that I enjoy porn, so it wasn’t because of that. It is just that after a while, you see everything that porn has to offer. Whether you want to admit it or not, porn is very formulaic. You get a blowjob, some pussy-licking action, then hardcore sex, maybe some anal and a cumshot. It is pretty much the standard procedure. And after some time, I got tired of it. It wasn’t a conscious decision. I just stopped enjoying porn as much as I used to.

Some time after that, I was having a few drinks with my buddies and we got to talking about porn. We would always do this and I was always the guy with the most news and most recommendations. This time, they realized that I was very silent and they asked what was wrong with me. I told them about my disillusionment with porn and all I got were gaping mouths and wide opened eyes. They couldn’t believe my words. They were flabbergasted. That is when one of them asked if I ever tried live sex, cam girls, all that stuff. I had heard about that before, but I never paid too much attention to it. The guy who asked me that told me that it was great. He had been doing live sex with hot nude cam girls for quite some and he claimed that it was the greatest thing ever.

I decided to give it a try. I checked out all the biggest websites, like MyCams, Live Jasmin and Live Cam Girls. For a while, I was only checking out free shows and I was more than satisfied with what I was seeing. I never thought that the girls would be that hot. These girls were hotter than pornstars. They were such hotties that I couldn’t help but get some credits and invite a few of them for private live sex shows.

And that is when I discovered the real beauty of live cam girls. It is in private that you get to see why so many people enjoy live sex with these hot cam girls. It is just amazing. First of all, you are interacting with another person, only this person is this insanely sexy girl who is ready to give you the show you want, showing of her amazing bod and playing with herself for your pleasure.

I found a few favorites and I have been in contact with them ever since. Whenever I feel like it, I go and have a nice private chat with these girls, saying what I would like to see. I have always been a nice guy and I have always got everything I wanted. Once, I even checked out these two girls who were doing a lesbian live show. It was thousand times better than any lesbian porn I have ever seen.